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All clubs shown in our catalog and on our website are available for purchase as components or as assembled clubs. You can order assembled clubs 1 of 2 ways:





  • First, order the exact head(s) that you want.
  • Next, order the exact shaft(s) that you want.
  • Then, order the exact grip(s) that you want.
  • Finally, add the assembly fees by clicking HERE.
  • When checking out, please tell us the shaft flex and lengths that you would like your club(s) assembled to.


2. For your convenience, we have already priced our clubs with the assembly fees built in. You may have noticed that when viewing a particular product, you will see the cost of the club listed as a component and also assembled. When you click to order the club, you will be taken to the shopping cart where you can order just the component or the fully assembled club. When in the shopping cart, simply scroll down to the assembled product and enter the required info (length, shaft flex...).

We realize that trying to select a particular shaft can be very difficult. That is why with each iron set we have chosen the True Temper TT Lite steel shafts and our Dynapower graphite shaft (unless specified otherwise). Both shafts are very popular and work well in our iron heads. And for the Titanium Drivers we have selected our very popular Trident Graphite Shafts. We hope this makes it easier for you to purchase assembled clubs. 

But as mentioned above, if you'd like the clubs assembled with different shafts or grips, simply order the components that you want assembled, then add the appropriate assembly fees.