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Trident Model RD Hybrid

Hybrid clubs have become very popular with good reason. They are much easier to hit than most long irons and even some fairway woods. Now, Trident introduces the EASIEST TO HIT AND BEST PERFORMING HYBRID CLUBS ON THE MARKET! Trident invented the modern screw weight driver and has now incorporated screw weighting in a hybrid design. With the adjustable screw weight, it is easy to change club weight and trajectory. In addition, with more weight under and behind the ball, even the highest handicapper can hit a solid, accurate shot even off the tightest lie. But, to make hitting great shots even easier, we added our reduced drag sole
(first introduced on our RD driver in 2001).

Only available left handed.
Right handed no longer available.
Must be countersunk if assembled with graphite shafts.

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Looking for a quality hybrid that performs? Look no further! The
Trident RD Hybrid is a quality consistent performer. I've carried
the 21-degree (or as my golf partners like to refer to it... my
"magic wand"), for about four years now. Is it good? Absolutely!
I just ordered the 18-degree. I use an R-flex graphite shaft.
My customers have had equal success with a steel shaft.

Gary P., Wisconsin