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Excell Thin Lie

Back by Populer Demand!

One of the easiest to hit
fairway woods on the market!

The original Thin Lie is a mid face metal wood designed to optimize your ability to control shots from both a tight lie or rough situation and off the tee! This unique design gives the Excell Thin Lie club a wider bottom and lowers the center of gravity below conventional woods. With a mid face and low CG, this design produces optimal trajectory, higher velocity shots and less sidespin than other clubs-from any type of lie. In fact, this club is much easier to hit from the rough, a divot, or a fairway bunker. Improve the critical 1st and 2nd shot scoring area of your game with the Excell metal wood.

club #1 #3 #5 #7* #9* #11*
loft 9.5 16 19 23 28 31
lie 54 55 56 56 57 57
weight 200 213 219 222 230 235
face ht 40 39 36 35 33 32
volume 200 195 190 180 175 175

Available in 9.5, #3, #5 and #7
*#7, #9 & #11 woods no longer available
Requires use of any standard .335 wood ferrule.
Must be countersunk if assembled with a graphite shaft

Component Price = $19.00

Assembled Price = $49.84

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I have assembled many Excell (Thin Lies) clubs over the years.
In my opinion and the opinion of numerous customers this product
is fantastic and has changed the way you can play the game.
Solid shots from any lie.