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I`ve been doing business with Proswing for about 15 years.
Best components company I`ve seen for quality and price
of components. Nothing but positive feedback from customers
on performance of clubheads.

Steve M.

I have assembled many Excell (Thin Lies) clubs over the years.
In my opinion and the opinion of numerous customers this product
is fantastic and has changed the way you can play the game.
Solid shots from any lie.


Looking for a quality hybrid that performs? Look no further! The
Trident RD Hybrid is a quality consistent performer. I've carried
the 21-degree (or as my golf partners like to refer to it... my
"magic wand"), for about four years now. Is it good? Absolutely!
I just ordered the 18-degree. I use an R-flex graphite shaft.
My customers have had equal success with a steel shaft.

Gary P., Wisconsin

Your Shankless Wedge is great! I can make all kinds of shots
around the greens, out of bunkers, out of deep rough, even
some soft pitch and runs!


I assembled the new CLAW putter and it is by far more consistent

than the [O.E.M.] due to the fact that the CLAW has a milled face.
The putter face remains square through impact and the feel of
the ball coming off the face is a premium.


Have built several 460 tri-screw drivers and use one myself.  
"Phenomenal" is most fitting for performance. All users claim
it's, by far, the best driver they have ever encountered.
Thanks and keep up the good work and research!


As a club builder sometimes winter boredom leads to great things, 
and thats the KB Tour Blade iron. Almost perfect blend of tour blade
and game improvement in one, best iron I've ever hit, cant wait
to shop this iron around this spring. Thanks.


Can't count the many drivers I've made for myself and others.   
The Trident Tri-Screw 10 degree is unquestionably the best
performer yet. The ball flies off the face fast and true; perfect
match of MOI and COR.


I just assembled the Trident SD (10 degree) with UST ProForce 65
shaft, and have now hit it for several rounds. Best driver ever!
I have hit the newest Taylor Made and Callaway X and Big Bertha,
and I have made several custom clubs over the last 5 years.
This one is worth making! This club is straight and consistently long.
The head is high quality, and not a cheap replica of another club.
I reviewed the testimonials before I bought this one. Since it received
favorable comments, it seemed worth a try. I am very pleased.

Denis V., Madison, WI

Congratulations to S. Marlow for hitting a hole in one at
Tanglewood Golf Course in Novi, Michigan!
Mr. Marlow plays our very popular Trident RD Irons.
"The Trident TS-10 Tri Screw is the hottest hitting driver
I have ever assembled.  All my customers that try it love it.
 I carry this driver in my own bag and have not missed a fairway."

B. Roberts

The Trident SD Driver is one AWESOME driver.
Hits it straight down the fairway and longer than
any driver I have personally ever hit!


"Hey Leftys, You won't believe how great the 460cc Tri-Screw
12 degree driver is.  I've been playing for 40 years, carry a
10 handicap, and this is the first driver that I have to work at to
hit a bad drive. It's the best driver I've ever had, and I've made
more than I care to mention."


"Last week I received my Trident Square Draw driver head.  I

installed a Penley Tour Light shaft and went to the range. I brought
my Callaway Great Big Bertha ('04 model) and my Titleist 905

along to compare performance characteristics. Well am I impressed!!

The Square Draw was as solid as the Titleist, longer than the Bertha
and very straight. Even when I came through the hitting area slightly
open, the ball went straight. Thanks Pro Swing"


"I recently purchased a 460cc Trident Tri-Screw driver with a    
Dynamic Gold wood x-100 shaft. This is the absolute best club
I have ever hit, no slicing at all. Most shots are very straight
or a slight draw with the screw weights set for neutral.  Thanks
a million for making this club.  Oh and by the way,
am hittin' it a country mile."


Congratulations to T. Tatman in Illinois on his hole in one on
the 1st hole at Pana Country Club.  The 1st hole is a 266 yard, par 4.
Club used was our Trident Tri-Screw Titanium driver!
Glad to hear one of customers feels that our Trident SS Titanium
with the Graffaloy Blue X-Shaft is "the best combo yet."
Also, H Kuebel reports making eagles and lots and lots of birdies
with our Trident Lite Weight shafts in his woods.
"My grandfather made me a Trident 3 wood widebody design. As
every club in my bag has changed, the Trident 3 wood has stayed
true. By far the best feeling and most consistent club I have ever hit."


Over the years we have received many testimonials and we'd like
 to begin logging them on our website.  If you have a testimonial
 that you'd like to share, we'd love to hear from you!