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The Acer XB combines the tradition, beauty and elegance of the
past you would only expect with a blade style wedge. Starting with
a classic teardrop shape, very minimal offset, thin top line and
narrow sole, no attention to detail is left out.

The four-way cambered sole and moderate bounce angles allow
for maximum playability from a variety of situations you may
encounter on the course. The versatility of the D-grind sole allows
for the face to be opened when needed and is good from any
lie to produce creative face angle positions for shots like
“bump and run” and “the flop” around the green.

Perhaps the greatest attribute is that no other set of wedges
are as complete and versatile as the Acer XB wedges. There
are as many as 8 different lofts to choose from providing you
with total short-game management. Many golfers are content
with the standard 52, 56 and 60 degree set up, which we have
you covered. We also have the harder, if not impossible to
find higher lofted wedge like the 64 for the high little delicate
shots when you need to have the ball land softly.

The appearance is equally as superb as its performance. The
Acer XB Wedges are precision cast in four different finishes:
lustrous pearl chrome, an elegant non-glare matte black,
brilliant high polish and maintenance-free satin.

Constructed of 431 stainless steel; bendable
(but surface may mar along pressure points).


Club Loft Lie Weight Offset Bounce Std length Hosel ID
52° 52° 64d 294 1 mm 12 d 35.5 in 0.370"
56° 56° 64d 300 0 mm 14 d 35.25 in 0.370"
60° 60° 64d 300 0 mm 12 d 35.25 in 0.370"
64° 64° 64d 300 0 mm 8 d 35.25 in 0.370"

Component price per head $14.95

Assembled starting at $32.43

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